About Us

About Th Founder

My name is Carl C. Combs, the founder of this site. As a  tech guru by experience and academic background, I provide factual content for readers. I hold a Master’s Degree in Software development and a Bachelors’s degree in Network systems.

My push to start the site was disappointments and slow service delivery in my usual endeavors.

During the lack downs, my turning point was where businesses relied on technological advancement to stay afloat in business.

I ordered some food from an online store, which was never delivered due to a fail system. As a professional, I never took the blame on the company but their system administrators.

 I vowed to educate the public, individuals, and corporate on what to look for when going digital.

Our Statement


To educate technology firms, public entities, corporate and individuals on emerging digital communication trends and information to make informed choices that add value to their businesses. With unlimited technological options, we arrow down to what is workable and practical for business efficiency.


To be a technological education site of choice for companies irrespective of the size to play an integral role in attaining the global digital agenda. We want to engage ICT systems for business growth and promote digital innovation in both the young and the old globally.