How Technology Changed The Food Industry

The food industry is an important industry among other industries. Total food demand is increasing in every moment with the increasing population of the world. Scientists are giving their relentless efforts for improvement of this industry. They are providing their best efforts for improving the quantity and quality of food. Technology has a great contribution to increasing food production to meet the food demand of the total population. Technology has great contribution to change the food industry. Here are some ways that have changed the food industry on different aspects:

1. Satellite Farming – Satellite farming is a very effective system to the monitor the crops production, soils conditions, weather situation etc. to increase total production of food. Satellite Farming technology is very effective to analysis the weather, soil testing procedure that is keeping contribution to increase total production. The farmers can identify the exact location of the farms that are more productive area and conducive to cultivating crops in order to bumper production. To meet the demand of food, satellite farming procedure has great contribution in changing the food industry.

2. Drones Facility – Many farms are situated at a long distance of the farmers’ homes. So farmers need to monitor the crops fields properly to increase supervisions taking further steps in order to enhance total production. Drones are helping the farmers to monitor the situations regarding the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and taking appropriate photos for getting perfect information. Farmers are getting appropriate suggestions from the agriculture department for having this drones facility that is an important discovery of the science.

3. Stopping food waste – It has been revealed in a research that 10-20 % food of the world is being wasted due to lack of proper technology, preservation system, and proper knowledge of the farmers. But the technology has changed the total situation of food waste of the world through its proper monitoring and improving awareness of the farmers. Social media is helping immensely to stop food waste.

4. Development of Local Food – There existed many sorts of food in the world. It depends on culture, production, demand etc. from country to country. Technology has a great contribution to increasing local food production in large scale. On the other hand, framers and agriculture departments are maintaining communication each other through technologies for further improvement in this sector. Now a farmer can get suggestions related to cultivation from the internet without major cost. Sharing knowledge and stepping are contributing on a large scale to increase total food production.

5. Use of Internet Internet is very popular and effective site in the world – Now it has been used in the food industry for monitoring irrigation system and crop yielding situation. Some irrigation systems have a certain spot where there is a  sensor device plugged in it. It is a very important device in food technology for further improvement of the food industry. Through internet farmers and the concerned department can collect the latest information regarding crops cultivation, pesticides, irrigation, and fertilizer. The Internet is such a device that is helping in to monitor and evaluation of total situation for a further step in the food industry. It also helps to get authentic data related to food industry improvement. Technology is an inseparable part of the improvement of the food industry.